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Elect John Wallace

With the right leadership in government, we the people can preserve our assets, progress our communities and prosper as New Mexicans. I am running for State Representative of District 22 because I want to promote the success of New Mexico by strengthening our schools, growing rural infrastructure and expanding our economy. This election you have a choice about who will represent you in Santa Fe. I will work tirelessly for the people of District 22 and New more...

The current District 22 Representative does not represent the interests of his constituents. This is demonstrated by his Voting Record. Moreover, most recently, his accepting of outsider Super PAC money further indicates where his loyalties are – out-of-state oil companies! The Albuquerque Journal reported in October that Jim received a check for $10,800 from an Oklahoma City-based energy company, the maximum total allowed for the 2016 election cycle in New Mexico. Therefore, we need your help if we want to compete with him in our campaign so that we can take back District 22 and put it back in the hands of the citizens!

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